Every time I go out, regardless where on this planet, I find a place that is simply the best at what they do, this place in my own backyard does exactly that, located in a generally known as commercial area, I never gave it a try, after a round of golf we were looking for good breakfast, sounds simple right? No as easy to find, this place was open, we stopped in and now can't get enough of the fresh food, cafeteria style with lots of fresh made everything. It's not fancy, it is a place that aims to please and with the constant flow of customers over many years, has nothing to prove. You hungry? Gotta give them a try!!! Lunch too
— William P.
This place has the best blueberry pancakes!! They also have excellent bread. The staff is very friendly. It is very laid back and relaxed while providing great service and a friendly atmosphere.
— Shaina R.
They're right next to my house. Best eggs benidict hands down. Huge muffins, excellent soups and sandwiches. Everything is homemade. Marins jewel for homemade fast food.
— Jennier B.
Best breakfast I've ever had.
Breakfast burrito with some black tea. Awesome.
Homemade desserts. Beautiful. Nice people. What else do you need.
— Eduard K.
I got the Filipe special sandwich, and my boyfriend got a hot pastrami sandwich. Both sandwiches were delicious! After searching and searching for a great sandwich place in Marin, we finally found one! Definitely coming here again soon.
— Chelsea O.
What a surprise. Clean excellent service outstanding food personable staff. The fresh blueberry peach muffin was to die for. Homemade bread for toast we had an outstanding omelette with fresh artichoke cheese and well . Have heard the eggs benedict track is excellent. Looks like the lunch menu is even better. Will definitely make this a regular stop on our visit to the San Rafael area.
— Tjay W.
Lovely little place with fresh tasty food and friendly staff. Great homemade bread!
— Susan H.
Get the homemade HERB BREAD, made fresh daily, with any of their sandwhiches! They also have delicious imported Brazilian coffee!
— Jenni H.
Love this place! Delicious bread and sandwiches, their breakfast meals are bomb, and you will never leave this place hungry!
— Melissa B.
Wow!!! All fresh, hand-made, and perfectly delicious. I have never had a sandwich with warmly baked bread that was so soft & satisfying. The salads and desserts made me wish I could eat more- This is an unknown gem worth visiting!
— Christina R.
The food is amazing! When I first came to Eduardo's the atmosphere threw me off a little bit but food made up for it in every single way! They make most things from scratch. Everything from their bread to their ceased salad dressing is a family recipe. I absolutely love this place and have been going regularly from breakfast and lunch for a few years now!
— Heather W.
My favorite breakfast spot in Marin. If you're following my reviews you're probably learning that I tend not to venture more than 15 minutes from my house. This comes not from my disdain for road trips but more from the fact I have the best of everything within a short jaunt from my apartment. Eduardo's has the freshest produce, meats and eggs around. Baked goods are generous in size, full of flavor and not overly salted or sweetened. Hot cocoa hits the spot. Service is warm and friendly. If you go, try the eggs benedict - you'll be glad you did!
— Deepak S.
They treat you like Family!
Everybody is so friendly and happy to see you
The food was delicouse and fresh! We got the banana walnuts pancake and the eduardo's omelette
It was sooo yummie!
And they had free muffin samples
— Noëlle K.
Great place, really quant and good taste, has lots of menu items and most are health conscious. There are a lot of salad options as well as soups, sandwiches and breakfast items (think Panera, with a full breakfast, and not all of the junk food style pastries). I like that the cafe style aesthetic of the food items being written on white boards. Even though there is usually a good sized line, the food is served fast. The breakfast is served everyday until 2pm! There are so many ways to mix and match meals here, that there is something for everyone. Soup and a half sandwich, salad and sandwich, salad and soup, etc.

The portions are a good size and they even have the option of substituting fries for a fruit cup, with no extra charge (this is about as good as it gets, as most places only offer this on certain dishes and for an additional charge, if they allow it at all) ! Both times I have ordered an omelette, although I'm curious to try the chicken curry salad. You can see the food preps cutting the avocados fresh right in front of you, and all of the ingredients seem this fresh, as opposed to more assembly-line style sandwich shops: where the toppings are pre sliced and sitting out virtually all day.

The Frida Kahlo paintings on the wall are a bit creepy, but it adds to the funkiness of this place. Not the best for larger groups and it seems that most people are having business lunches here.
— Jonathan A.
My wife has literally been going here for 40 years. We love it. It feels likes being with family ... home cooked quality ingredients with some love thrown in. Everything on the menu is delicious, and over the years we've had almost everything. But our favorite is the Mulligatawny soup. My wife has even written two haikus about it:

My soup board hopes soar
Anxiety yields relief

Pure joy in a bowl
Spoons full of golden goodness

We HEART Eduardos
— Peter S.
Eduardo's is a great breakfast/lunch brunch/soup&salad place in Terra Linda/San Rafael CA!
— Elizabete A.
A nice place to enjoy your lunch. Lots of healthy options and they have gluten free bread, pie, and soups.
— Krissy T.
We've been eating at Eduardo's for more than 20 years. Food is so fresh and homemade! All the soups are fabulous! Love the tomato soup and gazpacho with chunks of veggies. Home-made bread, muffins and more. Chicken salad is the best!!! Breakfast: pancakes, eggs of every kind... Don't forget several kinds of quiche. Try it you'll like it!!! Owner and staff are friendly and helpful
— Marcia F.